To get Firefox to run:

1.      Click on Roaming drive on Desktop

2.      Use drop down in top to find
Courses (X:)

3.      Go to Firefox folder

4.      Click on Firefox

Google Docs Training – Day 1



  1. Setting up your account
  2. Creating a "Home" page
  3. Publishing the page for all to see
  4. Finding and using the URL address for this page
  5. Creating a second page
  6. Linking your home page to the second page
  7. Linking your name on the school website to your page
  8. Other options in Google Docs
    1. Spreadsheet
    2. Presentation
    3. Upload/Download
    4. “Real Web Site” with Better URL




1)       Setting up your account

a.       Use the browser to go to

b.       You will see the following on the right:


c.       If you have a google account, sign in. 
If you do not have a google, click on the create an account now button.  Follow the instructions on the link and you will have an account created (YOU MUST HAVE A VALID E-MAIL that google can send a verification message to).  You will THEN need to go to the e-mail account that you provided and click on the link that was sent by google – this verifies your e-mail address and sets up the account.

d.       Once you are logged in to, your screen should look similar to the one below.  If it does not, type in the address bar and log in again if necessary.


2)       Creating a "Home" page
For what we are doing, you are simply creating a word processing document on the web and then making it visible for all to see.

a.       Click the Create new button on the left and then select Document.  You should see something like the screen below.

b.       Click on the Untitled document box and type in a name for your page.  Name it: 1MainMe

c.       Type whatever you like on the main part of the page.  To start just your name, a paragraph about yourself, and a bulleted list of your classes.

d.       Click the Save now button in the upper right.

3)       Publishing the page for all to see

a.      In the upper right you will see a Share button.  Click the arrow to the right of this button.  You will see something similar to the picture on the right

b.      Select Publish to the Web…

c.       On then next dialog box that appears, click the Start Publishing button

The document link shown on the next screen (see below) is the address of your “web site”.  You could e-mail this address to a friend or have the link pasted to another web site.  The long nature of the address makes it impractical to write down.







4)       Finding and using the URL address for this page

a.       If you forget the link, re-opening your document again and repeating the previous steps will bring this same screen up again.

b.       Notice that under Share there is also E-mail.  This will allow you to e-mail the link directly.  This only allows someone to work on it if they have permission.
NOTE:  Sometimes when you make a change and then go to this link you may not see your changes immediately, but trust they are there if they are in the document.

c.       Copy the URL from this screen and then open your e-mail and e-mail to  (My school e-mail seems to be blocking this for many of you).

5)       Creating a second page

a.       Click on the Documents link at the very top of the page to return to the google docs home screen.

b.       Create a new document

c.       Give this the name: 2FavoriteClass

d.       Type up a paragraph about your favorite class.  Why is it your favorite?

e.       Save the work

f.         Publish it 

g.       Copy the Document Link by double-clicking on it so that it is blocked (highlighted) and pressing Ctrl-C (Option-C on Mac)

h.       Return to the home screen by selecting the Documents link at the very top of the page.


6)       Linking the first page to the second

a.       Open your original page by clicking on it

b.       Block the name of the class that is your favorite [You should have a bulleted list of classes on this page]

c.       Select Insert | Link from the menu bar

d.       Paste the URL (Document Link) of the second page in this link. [Ctrl-V to paste]

e.       Save your work and preview it.  Make sure the link work

7)       More stuff
Try some of the different things available in this word processor.  Try to add a picture.  Change the style and color of the fonts.  Add a table.  Get creative.