Day 2 – More Word Processing

1.      Sign on to

2.      Create a New Document

3.      Name this document: 3WPDown   (Remember, the name is the title)

4.      Insert an image from X:\Applications by uploading it.

5.      Write a short paragraph (5 SENTENCES) about this picture.  Say why you picked this picture. Why do you like it or dislike?  Does it remind you of anything?  Be creative.  Tell a little story about it.

6.      Add a table below the picture and the paragraph.  Make the table 4 columns wide and 4 rows long.

7.      On the first row, leave the first cell blank.

8.      In the next three cells, type the name of three colors (for example red, blue, orange) – one per column. 

9.      Format the text of this row so that each word is the color that it names.

10.  In the second cell of the first column, type the name of a font and a size.

11.  Repeat this process with a different font and size for the third and fourth cell of the first column.  (for example, Comic Sans 36, Times New Roman 22, Arial 10)

12.  Format the text of this column so that each font and size is the font and size that it names.  For instance:  Comic Sans 36

13.  In the remaining cells, type the word Example.  (You will have 9 Examples when done)

14.  Format the text in each of the remaining cells so that it has the Font, Size, and Color as indicated in its row and column.

15.  Find another picture somewhere on the internet.

16.  Right click on this image and copy its location.

17.  Insert the image on your page by using Insert|Image|URL

18.  Type the sentence:  This links to my favorite site.

19.  Turn the word “This” into a link that links to your favorite site.

20.  Save the document

21.  Use File | Download As | Word to Save to YOUR FOLDER

22.  Open the File you downloaded using Microsoft Word

23.  At the bottom of the page press Enter and then add a horizontal line by typing five underscores in a row (The underscore is above the minus sign on the top row).  Should look like this:


24.  Type a sentence or two about what if any differences you notice when comparing the version with the MS Word version. 

25.  Hit enter twice and type a sentence explaining one difference in the menus between MS Word and

26.  Save the file as 4WPUp

27.  Go back to the documents menu on

28.  Select the Upload button

29.  Upload the 4WPUp document

30.  Open it after uploading

31.  Select Share|Publish

32.  Copy the location of the published page

33.  Return to the document menu

34.  Open your 1MainMe page

35.  Create a link at the bottom of this page to 4WPUp

36.  Repeat the process of creating a link in 1MainMe for the 3WPDown

37.  On your 1MainMe page you should now have 3 links.  One to your favorite subject (2FavoriteClass) and one to each of the documents you just created (3WPDown and 4WPUp)