Alternate Assignment for SK1


On a separate sheet of paper to be turned in:


Sketch the “house” above.

Label each of the edges (length, width, height – and altitude for triangle on front face).  You are to “make up” numbers here but they should be reasonable.  Longer sides should have longer numbers. 

Calculate the areas for the following:

  1. Front face rectangle
  2. Right face rectangle
  3. Right roof*
  4. Triangle on front face (Area is length of base times altitude divided by 2)
  5. Bottom

Now Calculate:

  1. Surface area (sum of all of the areas including those not seen in picture).
  2. Volume**


*You can make up the slanted line for the roof (should be longer than altitude) or you can calculate it using Pythagorean Theorem.

**Volume for rectangular prism is easy.  Bottom area times height gives you the cubic volume.  You then need to add the volume for the triangular prism that makes the roof.  One way to calculate this is the area of the triangle times the length of the roof (the length being the long distance from the front face to the back face)