More Compass Constructions

A perpendicular to a line from a point

Draw an arc using the point as the center.

Arc must intersect the line

Using one interesection of the arc and the line, draw another arc.

Draw congruent arc from other intersection

Create segment between original point and intersection of arcs.


Tah Dah!

Creating a parallel line.

Draw a transversal from the line to the point where the other line will be.
Arc from Vertex
Congruent Arc from point

Measure distance of first arc (Just like when creating a congruent angle!)

Mark same distance on second arc.

Draw from point to arc intersections (Creates a congruent angle!)
Drawing... Tah Dah! Corresponding congruent angles means the lines must be parallel.

Drawing a perpendicular from a point ON a line

Draw a circle

Draw an arc from one of the intersections.

Draw a congruent arc from the other intersection.

Line up the point and the new intersection.

Connect the dots...

Tah Dah!