Mr. T's Slope Practice

See directions below

You can practice slope here.
Slope is the rise over the run.
The rise is the change in y values.
The run is the change in x values.
If the slope is falling then either the rise or the run must be negative.
All fractions must be reduced.
That means 2/4 = 1/2 and 6/3 = 3/1, etc.
You may need to hit refresh on your browser if the lines disappear.

For extra credit over the Thanksgiving holiday.
Do twenty problems EXACTLY as described below:
1)  Write down the points from the graph:  Example (8,-1),(2,-5)
2)  SHOW YOUR CALCULATIONS FOR RISE, Example Rise = (8 - 2) = 6
3)  SHOW YOUR CALCULATIONS FOR RUN, Example Run = (-1 - -5) = 4
4)  Show your original slope and its reduced form.  Example:  Slope = 6/4 = 3/2