Why the vocabulary matters: Sketch-up...


Learn basics of sketchup:


        Creating rectangles, circles, and other 2-D shapes


        Extruding rectangles into 3-D blocks


        Rotating about objects


        Drawing arcs, perpendicular and parallel lines



1.      Double-Click the roaming drive on your desktop

2.      Navigate to the X: (courses) drive


3.      Find the Google folder and double-click on the Sketchup application. Close any "pop-up" windows.

4.      File | Open



5.      Use the Look in: dropdown box to navigation to X: drive (also called courses).

6.      Navigate to the Google folder and then to the Tutorials folder.


7.      Follow the directions for 1 Intro. When you are done, there is no need to save. Repeat the process with 2, 3, and 4. [5 and 6 are interesting but not required].