Pick Ten of these words below.  Write them across the top of your paper and Letter each one.  Below these lines draw a picture of each one IN RANDOM ORDER - this is supposed to be a matching quiz.  Create a key on the other side of the paper. Have a classmate try to take this quiz by writing their the answers on a DIFFERENT sheet of paper (do not have them mark on your beautiful quiz!)   Grade their results.  You take their quiz too! Are there any other words in the list below you do not know?  Ask! Any one of these could be on the next quiz and ALL of them will be used for the remainder of the year.

1 Right Angle 21 Trapezoid
2 Acute Angle 22 Kite
3 Obtuse Angle 23 Parallelogram
4 Complementary Angles 24 Rhombuses (Rhombi)
5 Supplementary Angles 25 Rectangles
6 Vertical Angles 26 Squares
7 Linear Pair of Angles 27 Arc
8 Concave polygon 28 Diameter
9 Consecutive angles 29 Radius
10 Concave polygons with diagonals 30 Chord
11 Equilateral Pentagon 31 Angle Bisector of a Triangle
12 Equiangular Hexagon 32 Median of a Triangle,
13 Regular Quadrilateral 33 Altitude of a Triangle
14 Right Triangle 34 Adjacent Angles
15 Acute Triangle 35 Transversal
16 Obtuse Triangle 36 Corresponding Angles
17 Hypotenuse 37 Alternate Interior Angles
18 Scalene Triangle 38 Alternate Exterior Angles
19 Equilateral Triangle 39 Same Side Interior Angles
20 Isosceles Triangle 40 Same Side Exterior Angles
If you would like a paper copy of this, just ask

See example for a DIFFERENT Word list below