Algebra 2 7 Distributive property

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Rewrite the problem with the term outside the parentheses distributed.
Example: 2(a+4b) is 2a+8b and -(3a-4) is -3a+4

Avoid Double signs in middle -3g(4h - 2) is -12gh+6g NOT -12gh--6g

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The checks are picky!

Must keep variables in same order to check!

So, 3x(2a - 5m) is 6xa-15ma BUT NOT: 6ax-15am [this is technically correct but it won't check!]


Watch your signs!

-3(-10a+5) is 30a-15


Do NOT combine like terms: If you get one like this: 2(3+4) the answer is 6+8


Use minus NOT plus negative.

So for 9k(10a+-2c)
Make sure you use 90ka-18kc NOT 90ka+-18kc. Once again, the second form is correct but it won't check.