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End of Year Projects

MR. T'S 2012 Project!! - Sandbox Page for Web Class - Udacity Web Site

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Mr. T's Project Example Final Paper Example here

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Project Progress/Feedback spreadsheet

Feedback #2 - Small Group Presentations


NOTE: Anyone doing a movie needs to have a script or storyboard done by mid-project. This is a typed outline of what the movie is about with more details than were in the project proposal. It should included ideas on scenes, dialogue, music, etc. It shows that you have PLANNED OUT what you are doing and are not just making it up as you go. It will probably be at least a page long.

Similarly, anyone who is making a game should have a TYPED DOCUMENT with basic directions and features of the game (it might even include order of importance for features - which ones you will work on first, second, etc.)

FOR A WEBSITE, you should have a sitemap page - a plan of what all the pages will contain - this does not have to be included in the final project but must be present for the mid-project.


Computer application students. Loan calculator for lesson 33 and 37 is broken. Use this link instead.



Check out Flash Movies from the Web Design Class here.




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