Mr. T and Mr. T - England 1987

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My wife and I have this contest - it's not much of a contest as she made up the rules and is killing me at it. But it's to see whose been to more countries. When we met, she was in the 30's and I was in the 20's. Since then she's probably out-distanced me 2-to-1 (not really fair since she travels while I state at home teaching America's youth). Between us we've probably been to about sixty different countries.

I was going to try to embed my Indonesia blog here but couldn't figure out how to do it. Maybe eventually.

For now you can check out my not-yet-updated blog at: (these are over a year old now)

or my wife's more interesting and often updated blog at

Want to find out more about where I've been? I wrote a book about my year in Hungary way back in '94. Technically it's out of print but you can see a cover shot here. In my classroom, there are copies on the shelf - you may borrow one if you'll read it.





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